Verborgen Landschap

On the northern edge of Arnhem lies an unspoilt area with an intriguing history in which the Second World War played a major role. 25 artists and designers were invited to explore this area as a explorer from the simple question “where am I?” The book ‘Hidden Landscape’ combines their way of looking at drawings, pictures, archives and logs. The result is an inventory and artistic interpretation of an enchanting cultural and landscape heritage. It shows us views on the past, but also pointers for a future in which this area can be transformed into a landscape park.

The explorations in the book were supplemented by introductions by Jan Dirk Hoekstra (Director H + N + S Landscape Architects), Andre Dekker and Hans Jungerius, historical maps and archive photos. The book also contains an English summary. The design was provided by Jaap Kroneman.

The book is online for 27.50 € to order via Bruna and ICE and via bookshops.

Publisher: Jaap Sam Books ISBN 978-94-90322-83-0

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