The exhibition HOOGLICHT has ended due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The exhibition has ended due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Look for a photo report  and

OMSTAND, presentation space for contemporary art, presents i.s.m. guest curator Marena Seeling: HOOGLICHT

HOOGLICHT is a group exhibition with: Simon Oud [NL] – Franck Gribling [NL] – Richard van der Aa [NZ / FR] – Kathleen Huys [BE] – Hans Everaert [BE] – Karlijn Janssen [NL] – Jochem Rotteveel [NL ] – Isolde Venrooy [NL] – Maaike Kramer [NL]

HOOGLICHT is a production of Omstand, a presentation space for contemporary art, in collaboration with guest curator and visual artist Marena Seeling. Themes in Seeling’s work and her way of working form the basis for this exhibition. Omstand’s request to create an exhibition as an artist-curator adds a new dimension to that.
Omstand regularly organizes exhibitions in which an experienced artist / curator is asked to compile an exhibition together with Omstand, in which the theme and / or working method of the curator is discussed.
Marena expresses the origin of her work as a reminder of her childhood. In the blog Hoog Licht she tells about her observations and how they play a role in her work. She takes the viewer to the places that matter to her: Weurt her birth village near Nijmegen close to the river Waal and the floodplains or the Nevengeul near Lent with the new bridges and water features. She also reports on her work in the studio, the choices and the collection of material for the production of watercolors, wall panels and paintings. It is important for her to expose processes in viewing, where a finishing touch is the intermediate station of a search that is never completed. This searching aspect of her work ensures recognition in the work she sees with others and easily brings her into contact with fellow artists. For this exhibition, Seeling has compiled a list of artists and has invited 9 of them for the exhibition HOOGLICHT  who together reflect her own artistry.

A magazine appears with the exhibition.

Omstand : Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 92 A, Arnhem


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