Spring of Drawings

You are cordially invited to the opening Saturday, February 18th at 16:00 to the exhibition: “Spring of Drawings’. Gallery Helder, The Hague [NL]
with: Stephan van den Burg – Niels Janssen – Harry Markusse – Maryanto Romy Muijrers – Marena Seeling – Guy Vording – Sigrid van Woudenberg 

Drawing, traditionally a form of communication, is also a direct way to visualize something. An intimate way because it is so pure. The means for expression are the basic simple: pencil, chalk or pen, even paint [not oil-based]. And every story is on paper. On the other hand, there are plenty of options to vary. For every artist there remain challenges;  figures with pencil on paper, the boundaries of drawing and pasting, folding and scratches for a new and more abstract approach.
Spring of Drawings challenges to the vitality and beauty of experiencing the art of drawing. This exhibition shows how powerful each artist in his or her domain with passion and originality. Drawing is still alive. http://www.galeriehelder.nl

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